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Biogears Open Source Human Physiology Engine Showcased At IMSH 2015

Press Release | ARA | January 8, 2015

BioGears® delivers an open source, comprehensive, extensible human physiology engine that serves as a platform for biomedical modeling research and also facilitates the creation of immersive medical education and training technologies. At IMSH, the BioGears® team will interact with over 2,000 professionals from around the globe who will see the latest in technology advancements, attend hands-on workshops and explore professional development opportunities.

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Microsoft In OPEN-SOURCE .Net Love-In With New Foundation

Neil McAllister | The Register | April 4, 2014

Microsoft has opened its .Net programming framework to the developer community by releasing the code for a broad range of .Net-related software as open-source projects under the stewardship of a new, dedicated foundation.  The surprise announcement came during the Thursday keynote at Redmond's annual Build developer conference, taking place this week in San Francisco.

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OSEHRA Community Responds to the Federal Government's Proposed Open Source Policy

The OSEHRA community today submitted a response to the "Draft Open Source Policy for Federal Agencies" released by the White House on March 10. The policy was open for comments through today. This is a major milestone for the OSEHRA community as well as the open source community as a whole. Currently the US Government spends nearly a hundred billion dollars a year on software purchased from the private sector or procured from government contractors. Most of this software acquisition ends up in failure. President Barack Obama has made it a priority to shift technology acquisition policies to solve this problem and restore technology innovation by embracing open source.

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SPDX Announces New Tools To Further Simplify Open Source License Compliance

Press Release | The Linux Foundation | May 13, 2014

Samsung contributes two new tools to Linux Foundation SPDX workgroup, increasing efficiency in compliance automation...

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Taking license with open-source software

Joseph Conn | ModernHealthcare.com | September 1, 2011

For nearly a decade, the Veterans Affairs Department, developer of the publicly available VistA electronic health-record software, has kept at arm's length a growing community of outside, open-source VistA developers and users. Read More »

VistA Custodial Agent Launches, and it doesn’t suck (much)

Fred Trotter | FredTrotter.com | August 31, 2011

As typical, I was alerted to the fact that Tiag, the winner of the Open Source VistA custodial agent competition, has launched a website and new non-profit foundation called Open Source Electronic Health Record Agent (osehra.org) Read More »

Sixth Hackathon On Rare Diseases - SUNY Albany April 12th

Event Details
April 12, 2014 - 10:00am - 5:00pm
SUNY Albany, Humanities Building-HU 109
United States

The Sixth Hackathon for Rare Diseases will take place on Saturday April 12th at the State University of New York at Albany.  This is a follow up of the Fifth Hackathon for Rare Diseases that took place on February 22nd. The goal of the Hackathon is to  continue implementing the prototype of a web-based platform for facilitating the information management of members of the Rare Diseases community. A first pass at the prototype is currently available here in Github, under the Apache 2.0 License.

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