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Harvard’s 3D-Printing Archaeologists Fix Ancient Artifacts

Joseph Flaherty | Wired | December 10, 2012

Indiana Jones practiced archaeology with a bull whip and fedora. Joseph Greene and Adam Aja are using another unlikely tool — a 3-D printer. Read More »

Seven Ways 3D Lidar Is Transforming Our Physical World

Lauren Orsini | Say Media Inc. | October 15, 2013

Picture a technology that creates perfect 3D replicas used for archeological discovery, crime-scene investigation and virtual-reality entertainment—and I'm not talking about the Enterprise Holodeck. Far from science fiction, it already exists and it's called lidar. [...]

Read More »

These Faces From The Ice Age Give The Lie To Our Idea Of Civilisation

Simon Jenkins | The Guardian | February 7, 2013

The British Museum's ice age exhibition proves beyond doubt that human beings are born to make art and cannot escape it... Read More »

Transcribing Manuscripts With Crowdsourcing

Isaac M. Alderman | Bible Junkies | October 16, 2013

Over the past few years, there has been a growing interest in the power of crowdsourcing, or getting lots of people to each do a little bit of work.  Scientists in particular have utilized this to get people to go through huge amounts of data.  This approach has also been used in the humanities, in the collection of data for local histories, for example. Read More »