autism spectrum disorder (ASD)

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Clinical histories reveal surprising evidence of multiple, distinct 'autisms'

Jake Miller | Harvard Medical School | December 19, 2013

Electronic medical records shared in a flexible, open-source database like SHRINE [Shared Health Research Information Network] provide a bird's-eye view of the medical system that offers researchers unique insights into disease and treatment. Read More »

More Evidence Agricultural Pesticides Up Autism Risk

Ashutosh Jogalekar | Medscape | June 23, 2014

A new study strengthens the evidence linking prenatal exposure to organophosphates and other commonly applied agricultural pesticides to the development of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and developmental delay (DD)...

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Offspring Autism Risk Linked To Pesticide Exposure During Pregnancy

Honor Whiteman | MNT | June 23, 2014

...[A] new study from the MIND Institute at the University of California-Davis suggests that expectant mothers who live near fields and farms where chemical pesticides are applied are also at increased risk of having a child with autism or other forms of developmental delay...

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Study Links Pesticide Exposure In Pregnancy To Autism

Kathryn Doyle | Reuters | June 23, 2014

In a new study from California, children with an autism spectrum disorder were more likely to have mothers who lived close to fields treated with certain pesticides during pregnancy...

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