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5 Open Source Projects That Are Improving the World

One of the strengths of the open source community has been its ability to bring concentrated effort to bear on big problems. When tragedy strikes, or a pressing need arises, there are groups of people who gather together to attempt to solve the problems as a community. You may not have heard of these five open source projects, but they are attacking some of the world's biggest problems and making a true impact in people's lives... Read More »

Benetech and United Ways of California Partner to Strengthen California’s Social Safety Net

Press Release | Benetech, United Ways of California | June 28, 2017

Benetech, the leading software for social good nonprofit, today announced a partnership with United Ways of California and United Way Bay Area to design a data system that allows for more accurate, timely, and cost-effective use of health and human services resource directory data. The partnership paves the way for greater access to health and human services data for Bay Area residents as well as a replicable model for deployment across California, the United States, and other service sectors...

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Code Alliance Connects Nonprofits with Open Source Tech Volunteers

Code Alliance is a Benetech initiative that connects technology professionals to volunteer opportunities with open source software projects for social good. On the first day of the CHI4GOOD conference, we brought over 40 projects to the San Jose Convention Center to participate in a hack4good Day of Service event. More than 100 developers, UX designers, and researchers came together to help our nonprofit cohort with their technological needs. The nonprofits benefitted from expert technical development work, and the volunteers were gracious, skilled, and excited to leverage their professional skills to give back...

Developer Opportunities to Code for Good

As I was searching for open source projects that help learners with disabilities, such as blindness or dyslexia, I came across Bookshare. That led me to Bookshare's parent company, Benetech, a technology nonprofit based in Palo Alto, CA which focuses on empowering communities in need. Read more about Benetech in our interview with CEO Jim Fruchterman: Open source product development most effective when social. I reached out and spoke with Anh Bui, Vice President of Benetech Labs, Benetech's new product development arm that explores areas of social need by engaging with communities in the United States and beyond...

EFF Welcomes Brian Behlendorf to Board of Directors

Rebecca Jeschke | Electronic Frontier Foundation | February 15, 2013

EFF is extraordinarily pleased to officially announce a new addition to our Board of Directors: entrepreneur and technologist Brian Behlendorf. Read More »

Launching With Social Coding 4 Good @OSCON

Angela Oduor | Ushahidi | July 26, 2013

We are proud to announce that Ushahidi has begun a partnership with Social Coding 4 Good to build our developer community. Read More »

Open Source Product Development Most Effective When Social

Benetech started out in the 90s without even understanding the meaning of the term open source. They just "needed an easy way to interface with different voice synthesizers" to develop readers for people who are blind and "shared the code to be helpful." Sound familiar? started covering stories like in 2010 and they recur more often than you might think. Stories of people sharing the code to help others—but sharing code to get help developing better code. When code is open, a community has the opportunity to form around it...

Technology Volunteerism For Social Good; How We Made Frontline Easier To Use

Alex Pitkin | Frontline | December 23, 2014

At Frontline, we believe that partnership and collaboration best help us drive positive social change. Today I’m delighted to share how our partnership with SocialCoding4Good, an initiative of Benetech, has resulted in great improvement to the FrontlineSMS contact search and selection capability, using our newly released Multi Selector tool...

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The Power Of Technology Volunteerism: How SocialCoding4Good Helped FrontlineSMS Improve Its Open Source Software

Noa Ronkin | Benetech | January 7, 2015

At Benetech, we see our role as larger than just focusing on our own social good products. We’re therefore working to increase the engagement of the technology sector with social good projects beyond the scope of our own programs. Read More »