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As VA Backlog Grows, Congress, Veterans Grow Weary Of Excuses

Bill Briggs | NBC | February 27, 2013

With most veterans waiting nine months for the Department of Veterans Affairs to process disability claims, a congressional panel Wednesday chastised the VA and the Department of Defense for each breaking four years of vows to merge all troops’ medical records into a single electronic system to help crack that backlog. Read More »

Budget Plan Gives VA Big Funding Boost For Veterans Care

Patricia Kime | Marine Corps Times | April 10, 2013

The Veterans Affairs Department does not appear to be feeling the pinch of fiscal austerity in President Obama’s 2014 budget proposal: The White House has proposed a 10.2 percent boost in funding for VA next year, totaling $66.5 billion in discretionary spending. Read More »

NY And LA Vets: Take A Long Hike As Your Disability Claims Ripen

Bob Brewin | Nextgov | March 13, 2013

The Veterans Affairs Department reports it has a backlog of 898,861 disability claims, with 632,358, or 70.5 percent stuck in the system for over 125 days. Read More »

Sen. Schumer Seeks Creation Of Electronic Files For Vets

Staff Writer | The Observer | November 11, 2013

As Veterans Day is a time to remember, U.S. Sen. Charles Schumer is fighting for veterans' benefits through the Department of Defense and the Depart-ment of Veterans Affairs. Read More »

Smaller Deal On E-Health Record Angers Capitol Hill

Tom Philpott | | March 1, 2013

The Obama administration pared back its plan to develop a single, integrated, electronic health- record system for the departments of Defense and Veterans Affairs due to shrinking defense budgets and rising costs. Read More »

The Wait We Carry: Using Data Visualization To Capture America's Failure To Take Care Of Its Veterans

Rebecca J. Rosen | The Atlantic | June 24, 2013

Some 600,000 veterans have seen their disability-benefit claims founder unanswered for more than 125 days. Read More »

There’s A Word For VA’s Paperless Claims System

Bob Brewin | Nextgov | April 10, 2013

The Veterans Affairs Department’s paperless claims processing system -- the Veterans Benefits Management System, known by its acronym VBMS -- should be renamed VBMess, an unidentified VA claims employee told the VAWatchdog blog today after a series of outages this week. Read More »

VA Downplays Claims Computers Being Taken Offline

Leo Shane III | Stars and Stripes | April 9, 2013

The Department of Veterans Affairs’ new claims processing system was taken offline for repairs this week, raising more questions about the department’s long-term plans to break the claims backlog. Read More »

Vets Hit VA, DoD For Ditching Records Project

Bryant Jordan | | February 28, 2013

Leaders of several of the country's veterans' service organizations told lawmakers on Thursday that they need to push the Department of Veterans Affairs and the Department of Defense to keep going with a plan to integrate the medical records of troops and veterans. Read More »