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'Open Access' Euro-BioImaging Project

Press Release | Photonics | March 29, 2013

Euro-BioImaging, the pan-European open-access research infrastructure for biological and medical imaging technologies, is now accepting new member applications from imaging facilities. Read More »

ClearCanvas - making 'open' medical imaging solutions more accessible

ClearCanvas is an innovative medical imaging software company based in Toronto, Canada, dedicated to making its products, software, and technology more accessible to all by offering both free and open source solutions (FOSS), as well as affordable commercial versions of its clinical solutions. Read More »

Electronic Health Records - Expensive, Disruptive And Here To Stay

Nicole Fisher | | March 18, 2014

Physicians have more to do these days and it has nothing to do with treating patients. Although staff shortages and increasing need for care are time consuming for providers and add responsibilities, the real culprit of lost work time, especially for Emergency Room physicians, is electronic health records (EHR). 

Read More »

Heart Imaging Technologies Announces OsiriX Interface for its web-based image management application, WebPAX®

Press Release | Heart IT | October 15, 2013

Heart Imaging Technologies announced today the release of the [open source] OsiriX interface for the WebPAX® image management system. Read More »

Open-source PACS Software Offers Viable Alternative

Staff Writer | OnRad Inc. | August 26, 2011

If in-house IT support is available, open-source PACS software and virtual computing technology may offer a reasonable option for digital image management for some institutions, according to researchers from the University of Patras in Rion, Greece. Read More »

SF VA Brain Research Technology Advances

Victoria Colliver | SFGate | August 1, 2012

A room in the basement of the San Francisco Veterans Affairs Medical Center is undergoing renovations for a new, $8 million magnetic resonance imaging machine, which will join an arsenal of some of the most powerful research scanners in the world. Read More »

TraIT OpenClinica attracts more than 300 users

Marinel Cavelaars | ctmm | January 31, 2014

In the two years since OpenClinica was adopted as the preferred data capture tool for the TraIT (Translational Research IT) platform, its user base on the TraIT server has grown from 15 clinical studies to over 60 clinical studies involving more than 300 users. Read More »