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ClearCanvas is an innovative medical imaging software company based in Toronto, Canada, dedicated to making its products, software, and technology more accessible to all by offering both free and open source solutions (FOSS), as well as affordable commercial versions of its clinical solutions. Their commercial products have been cleared by a variety of regulatory bodies and are currently in use at leading healthcare institutions around the world.

To promote the use of new medical imaging technologies, ClearCanvas partners with a variety of researchers, clinicians, and other software companies to help them commercialize their own customized solutions and get their products rapidly into the hands of the global medical imaging community. ClearCanvas products help original equipment manufacturers (OEM) around the world to lower their development costs and accelerate time-to-market.

ClearCanvas’ solutions are currently distributed by over 50 resellers around the world and used by more than 20,000 users in over 175 countries. The company’s affordably priced software is deployed and used at renowned hospitals and medical schools such as Mount Sinai Hospital, University of Pennsylvania Medical Center, Emory University, and Johns Hopkins – as well as numerous other research facilities and imaging clinics around the world.


ClearCanvas develops and markets Diagnostic Workstations, Picture Archiving and Communications Systems (PACS), and Radiology Information Systems (RIS) allowing for the capture, distribution, review, reporting, and archiving of digital images and associated information.

ClearCanvas Workstation, Personal Edition, is an FDA-cleared, full-featured standalone diagnostic viewer. It is highly flexible and comes with a variety of features desired for the clinical environment. The system can be used as a basic DICOM viewer, the Community Edition, or you can purchase their commercial solutions equipped with an extensive array of additional tools such as Easel, Hanging Protocols, Media Writing, DICOM Print, MPR, PET/CT Fusion with SUV, PDF attachment, Digital Subtraction Imaging and Spine Labeling .

ClearCanvas ShareAgent seamlessly blends the capabilities of a basic diagnostic workstation with routing capabilities normally found in a complete Picture Archiving and Communications System (PACS). Designed for distributed imaging centers where diagnostic images are captured at one facility, yet reported or archived at another,

ClearCanvas ShareStation is a complete mini-PACS solution designed for medical imaging facilities that perform less than 5000 studies per year. Unlike other mini-PACS solutions on the market, ShareStation does not require the use of costly servers to operate.

In the coming year, ClearCanvas will be introducing a new integrated App Store for many of its products.  This will provide a new opportunity for software developers to expose their plugins to the global ClearCanvas install base.  Some plugins will be offered free of charge, while others will be sold for a nominal fee.

Documentation on both the open source community or commercialized versions of the ClearCanvas solutions are available at

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