ClearCanvas now supports Spanish users

Press Release | ClearCanvas | March 29, 2012

ClearCanvas Inc., an innovative medical imaging informatics company, today announced new releases of ClearCanvas Team Edition PACS and Clinical Edition Workstation with Spanish language support.  This is the first local language version of the ClearCanvas product line.

Targeting Spanish and English language users, new capability included in this release will allow users to select their local language preference during installation. The resulting selection will install a localized version of the software with a translated user interface, help and support files. 

“Over the last several years, many of our international users have expressed interest in localized versions of our software.” said Norman Young, President and CEO of ClearCanvas. “With a growing installed base in Mexico, Spain, and South America, it made sense to answer this request with an initial release to support the Spanish language.” 

To ensure that the software translations accurately reflect local medical terminology, the company worked closely with a team of native Spanish speakers from its network of Latin American Resellers. 

“Many of our customers request Spanish language software.” said Erick Canales, President of Medinuvo Solutions. “When you treat patients in Spanish, consult with other Practitioners in Spanish, and generally work in Spanish, life is a lot easier if your diagnostic software is similarly in Spanish. ClearCanvas’ products are already popular with our customers and this new capability will only further their reputation for combining ease-of-use with powerful diagnostic capability.” 

ClearCanvas and its partners are currently working on other translations which will be available in upcoming releases of its software. Current translations in progress include Hungarian, Turkish, Portuguese, and German. For further information on these releases or to request additional local translations, please contact an Authorized ClearCanvas Reseller in your country.