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3 Cloud Sweet Spots In Healthcare

Bernie Monegaine | Government Health IT | October 9, 2012

A recent MarketsandMarkets report forecasts cloud computing in healthcare to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 20.5 percent from 2012 to 2017. Although cloud computing offers significant advantages to healthcare organizations and other stakeholders, security of patient information, interoperability and compliance with government regulations are some of the factors that are slowing down the market, according to the report. Read More »

3D Printers: A Revolutionary Frontier for Medicine

Mission control on earth receives an urgent communication from Mars that an astronaut has fractured his shinbone. Using a handheld scanning device, the crew takes images of his damaged tibia and transmits them to earth. Orthopedic surgeons then use a 3D printer to create an exact replica of the astronaut’s leg from medical imaging files obtained before the voyage. Surgeons on earth use a robot to stabilize the bone with a metal plate on the 3D replica. The data is transmitted back to Mars, where surgical instruments, a personalized plate and screws are 3D printed. Finally, a surgical robot operates on the injured astronaut...

3D Slicer: An Overview

Rahul_Gupta | Linux For You | January 28, 2013

This article gives an overview of the open source medical imaging tool called 3D Slicer, which has been released under a BSD-style licence, and is a tool for visualisation and image analysis. Read More »

50 Open Source Replacements For Health Care Software

Cynthia Harvey | Datamation | April 26, 2013

According to a recent PricewaterhouseCoopers Study, 79 percent of health care executives anticipate an increase on their technology spending this year. With "Meaningful Use" considerations weighing heavily on the industry, many will be investing in or upgrading their electronic health record (EHR) capabilities. [...] Read More »

A New Tool Lets Brain Surgeons See What They're Doing

Caroline Winter | | August 28, 2013

Doing almost anything with your eyes closed is usually pretty hard. Now consider that until recently neurosurgeons performed operations without being able to see their patients’ brains. Most still do, but now a Memphis (Tenn.)-based company called MRI Interventions (MRIC) is working to end the “poke and hope” practice... Read More »

Acuo Technologies Selected In DoD Award To Deliver Vendor Neutral Archive

Press Release | Acuo Technologies, Dell, BRIT Systems | November 16, 2012

Acuo Technologies...announced today that the Defense Logistics Agency of the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) has selected the Acuo Universal Clinical Platform (UCP) as a new vendor neutral archive (VNA) solution for enterprise patient imaging logistics. Read More »

An Open Platform Revolutionises Biomedical-Image Processing

Press Release | Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology | August 31, 2012

Ignacio Arganda, a young researcher from San Sebastián de los Reyes (Madrid) working for the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is one of the driving forces behind Fiji, an open source platform that allows for application sharing as a way of improving biomedical-image processing. Read More »

Announcing ITK 4.4.0!

Press Release | Kitware | June 4, 2013

Kitware and the Insight Toolkit (ITK) team are pleased to announce ITK 4.4.0! The tarballs can be downloaded on the Sourceforge page. Major changes made in this release are detailed below, and there will be an ITK 4.4.0 release webinar on Tuesday, June 11th at 3PM ET to provide an overview of the new version. Read More »

aycan celebrates 10 years of OsiriX platform technology evolution

Press Release | aycan | March 16, 2015

aycan, a recognized global leader in medical imaging, is celebrating ten years of technology investment and innovation in the OsiriX platform, which they’ve helped evolve to now include advanced integration capabilities, a service organization, applications, and plug ins designed to improve productivity and patient care. Read More »

Bend, Twist, Pose – Kitware’s Bender Brings Movement To The Visible Man

Press Release | Kitware | April 30, 2013

The new, open-source Bender toolkit enables anatomical repositioning in volumetric images for the computation of specific absorption rates and how their effect on the body changes with various poses. Read More »

Building An Effective ACO: Longitudinal Records Enable Collaboration

Naveen Sarabu | Government Health IT | December 24, 2013

Once an accountable care organization (ACO) or other collaborative care entity has laid the foundation for a robust health data exchange by ensuring the electronic capture of complete clinical and financial information at the individual provider level, the next step is to build the core of the structure – the longitudinal patient record. Read More »

ClearCanvas - making 'open' medical imaging solutions more accessible

ClearCanvas is an innovative medical imaging software company based in Toronto, Canada, dedicated to making its products, software, and technology more accessible to all by offering both free and open source solutions (FOSS), as well as affordable commercial versions of its clinical solutions. Read More »

ClearCanvas now supports Spanish users

Press Release | ClearCanvas | March 29, 2012

ClearCanvas Inc., an innovative medical imaging informatics company, today announced new releases of ClearCanvas Team Edition PACS and Clinical Edition Workstation with Spanish language support.  This is the first local language version of the ClearCanvas product line. Read More »

ClearCanvas partners with lifeImage

Press Release | ClearCanvas | December 11, 2011

ClearCanvas Inc., an innovative medical imaging informatics company, today announced a new partnership agreement with lifeIMAGE of Newton, Massachusetts to integrate cloud-based image and data exchange into all of ClearCanvas' commercially available products. Read More »

ClearCanvas RIS/PACS, Team Edition Commercially Released

Press Release | ClearCanvas Inc | October 30, 2012

ClearCanvas Inc., an innovative medical imaging informatics company announced today the commercial release of ClearCanvas RIS/PACS, Team Edition, an end-to-end radiology workflow management solution. Read More »