ClearCanvas partners with lifeImage

Press Release | ClearCanvas | December 11, 2011

ClearCanvas Inc., an innovative medical imaging informatics company, today announced a new partnership agreement with lifeIMAGE of Newton, Massachusetts to integrate cloud-based image and data exchange into all of ClearCanvas' commercially available products.

Imaging intense clinical areas such as neurosurgery, cardiology, oncology and orthopedics are inundated with high volumes of outside images presented by patients on CD or DVD media.  In an ideal world, a patient's imaging records should reach a physician before the patient does - whether in the case of transferring a critically injured patient to a trauma center or a non-urgent referral to a specialist.  In many instances, due to delays based on courier time or integration and quality control issues, patients arrive before their images do.  This often necessitates duplicate diagnostic images.  lifeIMAGE's network provides temporary cloud-based storage to support the immediate sharing of image data without the need of CD or DVD media.

"With the increased use of medical imaging, demands to deliver fast and efficient diagnostic results have never been greater," said Norman Young, President and CEO of ClearCanvas Inc.  "At the same time, the challenge of sharing diagnostic information outside of your network or between proprietary systems often presents numerous delays for results distribution."

Integration efforts between ClearCanvas and lifeIMAGE will allow users to import and export diagnostic images directly from ClearCanvas Workstations using the lifeIMAGE exchange network.  lifeIMAGE's HIPAA-compliant platform employs a series of security checks to ensure the privacy and security of all data.  It also includes a zero-download Flash viewer with a robust set of tools for looking at images inside the cloud including measurements, annotations and layout options.  Users can review exam data to ensure continuity of patient information before importing to PACS.

"We are very pleased to have the opportunity to work with ClearCanvas," said Hamid Tabatabaie, President and CEO of lifeIMAGE. "ClearCanvas' RIS, PACS and Workstation products provide a cost effective way for imaging centers to access next generation diagnostic software at a fraction of the cost of other solutions on the market.  lifeIMAGE's technology similarly provides a cost effective way for practitioners to exchange patient information on-the-fly between different clinics and networks."

lifeIMAGE's image sharing network has been used to exchange over 160,000,000 medical images, including nearly 600,000 images captured at remote facilities which were received, reviewed, and ingested into the receiving facility's local PACS and EMR.

"In addition to ClearCanvas' popular CD, DVD and BlueRay media burning capability, lifeIMAGE's platform will provide a new means for healthcare practitioners to securely exchange patient image and information, " said Norman Young, President and CEO of ClearCanvas.  "We are pleased to be able to offer lifeIMAGE services as an integrated component of ClearCanvas products.