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Commuting’s Hidden Cost

Jane E. Brody | New York Times | October 28, 2013

My twin grandsons, now 13, walk nearly a mile to and from school and play basketball in the schoolyard for an hour or more most afternoons, when weather and music lessons permit.... Read More »

Halamka Discusses His Guiding Principles

As I’ve aged and matured my approach to life, career, and family, I’ve evolved my rubric for organizing each day. Here’s what I’ve used for 2016: Avoid commuting delays as much as possible - leave no later than 6:00am in the morning and return either before 3pm or after 7pm. I generally go in early, return early, care for animals, then work in the evening. I work in Boston Tuesday/Thursday, in our suburban Metrowest office Monday/Wednesday and wherever the most urgent projects are happening on Friday...

It's Not Me, California, It's You

Heidi Waterhouse | LinkedIn | January 31, 2016

It happened again. I was talking to a recruiter about a job I'm uniquely qualified for -- standing up documentation for the first time for a relatively new company, and she said,"Of course, you'll need to relocate to San Francisco." Even though I was excited about the job and the company, even though I love visiting San Francisco and taking pictures of their awesome parks (see header picture), even though I have tons of network and friends in San Francisco, I said no...

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