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Americans Still Battling Unexpected Medical Bills

Jidde Plas | Capital Wired | September 21, 2014

Putting Americans at extreme risk of death is the menace of unexpected medical bills. Officials and experts in the field point to the fact that these unexpected costs can overwhelm the patient...

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SimplyVital Health Partners With Toro Risk Consulting Group On Transformational Blockchain Healthcare Technology

Press Release | SimplyVital Health | October 17, 2017

SimplyVital Health (SVH) and Toro Risk Consulting Group, LLC (Toro) have announced an affiliation that brings the transformational healthcare technology of SVH together with the marketing, legal, and risk expertise of Toro. Toro recognized early on the potential that SVH's pioneering platform has to help providers transition from fee-for-service to value-based healthcare. New value-based payment models, such as bundled payments, allow providers to realize savings if they can decrease the average cost of patient care...

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