da Vinci SI Surgical System

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Open Source Robotic Surgery System In The Works

Susan D. Hall | FierceHealthIT | February 11, 2014

While the Da Vinci surgical system is the only robot with U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval--and the target of plenty of criticism--researchers are looking to develop surgical robots based on open source technology, reports Scientific American. Read More »

Robotic Help

Evan Tuchinsky | Chico News & Review | April 11, 2013

Ten years ago, during his surgical fellowship, Dr. Ravi Nagubandi got a glimpse of his future when he observed an early version of robot-assisted surgery... Read More »

Robotic Surgery Opens Up

Larry Greenemeier | Scientific American | February 11, 2014

If the open-source approach to building robot surgeons can cut costs and improve performance, patients will increasingly find them at the other end of the scalpel Read More »