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Government SEO Is Broken

Andrew Delamarter | Search Engine Watch | October 30, 2012

The federal government, under the leadership of President Obama and Federal Chief Information Officer Steven VanRoekel, has launched a wide-ranging rethinking and consolidation of federal websites, domains, and databases. Read More »

HHS, DOT Start Open Government Plan Refresh

Molly Bernhart Walker | Fierce Government IT | January 23, 2012

Two federal agencies seek feedback to inform updates to their open government plans as the 2 year deadline for refreshing them comes due this spring. The Open Government Directive requires executive departments and agencies to update open government plans biennially, meaning refreshed plans should be unveiled no later than April 8, 2012. Read More »

White House Safety Datapalooza Showcases Tools That Make A Difference

John Porcari, Todd Park | | September 19, 2012

In May, DOT partnered with the Obama Administration's Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) to launch the Safety Data Initiative. The result,, is an effort to release freely available government data to build products, services, and apps that advance public safety in creative and powerful ways. Read More »

Why We Should Build A National Internet System Under The National Highway System

Eric Jaffe | The Atlantic Cities | August 21, 2013

Earlier this month, The Daily Yonder, a well-named site about life in rural America, brought us this unsettling map of broadband availability, or lack thereof, in the country's remote counties: Read More »