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AHRQ's 10 Tips For Creating Consumer HIT

Mike Miliard | Government Health IT | November 14, 2012

More and more, health IT is expanding from the clinical into the commercial realm. With patient engagement so crucial to the transformation of care delivery, that's a good thing. But some consumer technologies are better than others. Read More »

Bossies 2012: The Best Of Open Source Software Awards

Peter Wayner | InfoWorld | September 18, 2012

Welcome to the sixth annual Best of Open Source Software Awards, otherwise known as the Bossies. If you've enjoyed our previous Bossies, you're in for a treat... Read More »

Cloud Sherpas Releases Open-Source Framework For Short-Cutting Google Apps Development

Heather Clancy | ZDNet | March 4, 2013

The 'Ferris' platform uses Python development tools and is designed to dramatically reduce application development time. Read More »

How New OSS Communities And Code Bases Are Developed From Old Ones

Jesse Hood | OpenLogic | July 24, 2013

Open source software developers modify significant amounts of source code for a variety of different reasons.  Depending on the amount of modification, the number of developers doing the fragmentation (sometimes called a “fork” in the code), the status of these developers in the community, and the intention of the development community, the results could be just a few lines of updated code, or it could be a complete fork of the code base that takes the open source project in an entirely new direction. Read More »

How Technology Democratised Development

Ken Banks | BBC | September 7, 2012

Over the coming weeks, A Matter of Life and Tech will feature a range of voices from people helping to build Africa’s tech future. This week, mobile innovator Ken Banks argues that technology has become a vital tool in the fight against poverty. Read More »

How The World Bank Is Using Technology And Open Development To Help Eradicate Poverty

Paul Sawers | The Next Web | July 9, 2013

Founded in 1944, the World Bank is, as its name alludes to, a global financial institution geared towards reducing poverty in developing countries. Read More »

How To Hack The System To Change Government

Tom Shoop | Nextgov | July 25, 2013

Jennifer Pahlka, the founder of the Code for America initiative who is now working for the Obama administration as deputy chief technology officer, has been in government for 37 days -- 51 if you count weekends. Read More »

MongoDB's Eliot Horowitz: The Database Renaissance Has Begun

Jack M. Germain | LinuxInsider | October 8, 2013

"Relational databases still work very well for the things they were designed to do. What is happening is that they work so well for those purposes people continue to use them for everything. Relational databases are 40 years old. People are trying to do things with them that were never thought of for the original purpose. [...]." Read More »

Opening Access – Views From The South

Lucy Browse, Sioux Cumming, and Susan Murray | ICT Update | June 1, 2013

Open access initiatives help African countries to face development challenges. Read More »

OSFA Responds to the US Open Government National Action Plan

Gunnar Hellekson | Open Source for America | January 7, 2012

Open Source for America (OSFA) appreciates this opportunity to comment on the Open Government National Action Plan. OSFA was formed in 2009 to advocate for the use of open source software and the open source development process in the US Government. Read More »

Oxford University's OSS Watch Looking for Open Source Community and Development Managers

Sander van der Waal | OSS Watch | June 10, 2012

The University of Oxford hosts OSS Watch, an open source advisory service to the UK higher and Further Education sector. We assist in the use and development of open source solutions. We are currently looking for a Service/Community Manager and a Development Manager.

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[email protected] Now Open for Registration

David Stegon | FedScoop | January 9, 2012

The State Department will hold its next [email protected] conference February 3-4 at George Washington University. The event brings together government leaders to discuss how technology can aid U.S. diplomacy and development. Federal Emergency Management Agency Administration Craig Fugate will keynote on real-time awareness.

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The Largest Payment Platform On Earth Can Reach 2 Billion People–So Why Haven’t You Heard Of It?

Christopher Mims | Quartz | October 2, 2012

When Jana co-founder Nathan Eagle needed to connect to a cell carrier in the developing world, he’d come to meetings with a duffel bag full of cash and say that he wanted to buy airtime. For carriers who were taking on more customers than ever, but struggling with declining revenue per user, it was an irresistible sales pitch. The result, two years later, is that Jana is now the largest payment platform in the world. Read More »

The Seesaw of Power

Serge Schmemann | New York Times | June 23, 2012

I think the West missed a trick, because it adopted — certainly in Africa and many of the poor emerging economies — an attitude of “do what we say and not what we do.” The whole idea of incentives, which has been the backbone of the success in Western economies, is not something the West transplanted into places like Africa. The approach to economic development in Africa has been focused on aid; it’s been focused on what someone called “learned helplessness.”
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Two Competing Clinical Code Groups Team Up

Joseph Conn | Modern Healthcare | July 25, 2013

Two not-for-profit standards-development organizations, producers of once-competing clinical codes, SNOMED-CT and LOINC, have reached a 10-year collaborative agreement to work together to “improve safety, functionality and interoperability for the rapidly growing number of clinicians who manage and exchange health data with electronic medical records.” Read More »