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EFF Criticizes Google For Removing 'Vital Privacy Feature' With Android 4.4.2

Lucian Constantin | Network World | December 13, 2013

The new Android update disables a feature that allowed users to revoke permissions for installed apps Read More »

Lawmakers Re-Introduce GPS Protection Bill Against Government Spying

Cyrus Farivar | Ars Technica | March 21, 2013

Just two days after new legislative reform on e-mail privacy was re-introduced in Congress, another privacy bill was brought back from years past. Read More »

What Your Email Metadata Told The NSA About You

Rebecca Greenfield | The Atlantic Wire | June 27, 2013

President Obama said "nobody is listening to your telephone calls," even though the National Security Agency could actually track you from cellphone metadata. Well, the latest from the Edward Snowden leaks shows [the following]. Read More »