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3-D Printing Could Offer Savings On Replica Lab Kit

Working replicas of expensive scientific equipment could be made for a fraction of conventional cost using cheap 3-D printers, possibly saving developing world labs thousands of dollars each time, says a researcher whose book on the subject was published last year. This and similar advances mean the age of appropriate technology — affordable, sustainable solutions designed and built to meet local needs — may be here, argues Joshua Pearce, a materials science and engineering professor at Michigan Technological University, United States, in an article in Physics World magazine.

Democratizing Data, and Other Notes from the Open Source Convention

Andy Oram | O'Reilly Radar | July 25, 2012

There has been enormous talk over the past few years of open data and what it can do for society, but proponents have largely come to admit: data is not democratizing in itself. This topic is hotly debated, and a nice summary of the viewpoints is available in this PDF containing articles by noted experts. Read More »

OPSWAT helps San Francisco State University contribute to Healthcare Systems for Developing Countries

Press Release | OPSWAT | June 13, 2012

OPSWAT's donations to the Computer Science department help students get involved in the development community for OpenMRS, an open source medical records system. Read More »

Wide-Angle Lens – Thoughts On What Ushahidi Has To Do With International Development

Nat Manning | Ushahidi | September 25, 2013

In light of all that is going on in Nairobi, I took a step back and started thinking about what it is we do here at Ushahidi, beyond the products, the code, and the community. We often get lumped into this greater industry of International Development, even though we talk about ourselves as a non-profit tech company. So I decided to try and dive a bit deeper, and try and suss out just how Ushahidi fits into this broader discussion of International Development. Read More »

Working to Get the United Nations to Adopt Open Source Development Tools

Working at the bleeding edge of global development is about to get more lively. co-founder Mark Charmer argues the world needs the open source movement to assert itself right now.... Read More »

Global Health & Innovation Conference (GHIC) 2017

Event Details
April 22, 2017 - 2:00am - April 23, 2017 - 2:00am
Yale University New Haven, CT 06520
United States

The Global Health & Innovation Conference (GHIC) 2017 is the world’s largest global health conference and also the largest social entrepreneurship conference. GHIC boasts an attendance of 2,200 professionals and students from all 50 American states and from over 55 countries. This conference will address topics related to global health, social entrepreneurship, and international development. GHIC will include 300 speakers who will present lectures and workshops on a wide variety of topics to conference attendees...

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