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GenoCAD Releases Combinatorial Design Tool to Optimize Protein Expression and Streamline DNA Synthesis Orders

Press Release | GenoCAD | September 1, 2015

GenoCAD, a leading provider of DNA design software tools, today announced the release of a groundbreaking new version of its flagship DNA design platform, which has been enhanced to boost user productivity. GenoCAD’s rule-based design methodology breaks down complex DNA sequences into numerous genetic parts, which in turn can be recombined using specific sets of rules to ensure the resulting DNA constructs can be “read” by cells. This approach allows for more flexibility and efficiency in the design process than more traditional approaches that rely on manually cutting and pasting DNA fragments.

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GenoCAD, and Open Source Synthetic Biology Tool Is Transioned to the Private Sector by the Virginia Bioinformatics Institute

Press Release | Virginia Bioinformatics Institute | August 24, 2015
GenoCAD, a computer-assisted design environment for synthetic biology developed at Virginia Tech, has transitioned to GenoFAB LLC to engage new users and create new opportunities for innovation. The web-based GenoCAD application enables users to design DNA and create expression vectors for biologics manufacturing for new medical treatments, gene therapy, plant biotechnology, and synthetic biology.

Researchers Write Languages To Design Synthetic Living Systems Useful For New Products, Health Care

Emily Kale | Virginia Tech (VT) | March 13, 2014

Researchers at Virginia Tech and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have used a computer-aided design tool to create genetic languages to guide the design of biological systems.

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