GenoCAD Releases Combinatorial Design Tool to Optimize Protein Expression and Streamline DNA Synthesis Orders

Press Release | GenoCAD | September 1, 2015

GenoCAD’s rule-based design methodology breaks down complex DNA sequences into numerous genetic parts, which in turn can be recombined using specific sets of rules to ensure the resulting DNA constructs can be “read” by cells. This approach allows for more flexibility and efficiency in the design process than more traditional approaches that rely on manually cutting and pasting DNA fragments.

At the center of the new release is a combinatorial design tool that both increases scientists’ ability to control protein expression and illustrates the power of GenoCAD’s rule-based design. The new feature can generate up to 20,000 sequence variants at a time, saving researchers who construct DNA valuable time and effort while avoiding potentially costly errors when placing large DNA synthesis orders. Instead of building DNA sequences one at a time, users can now create a sequence template and select a range of genetic parts that will fit into that template. GenoCAD will then automatically create a series of constructs, each of which contains one of the parts from the defined range and matches the rules set out by the template. Users can quickly create many DNA designs with slight variations that will allow for better optimization. They can easily export the resulting combinatorial designs to FASTA, GenBank, and plain text files, as well as save them to their accounts for later use.

“This new release is continued evidence that GenoCAD is leading the way in providing innovative solutions to the rapidly changing challenges facing genetic engineers and synthetic biologists,” said Jean Peccoud, GenoCAD CEO. “Many of the additions, especially the combinatorial design tool, were made in response to feedback from and discussion with users. As a result, our software will help researchers on the leading edge of discovery to design the DNA sequences that will build the foundation for the next generation of biotechnology products.”

About GenoCAD: GenoCAD is a leading provider of DNA design software tools. Begun as an academic research project, GenoCAD provides a platform for designing expression systems for a broad range of applications including biologics production, gene therapy, agriculture, energy, and synthetic biology. With its point-and-click user interface, the GenoCAD system allows users to quickly design complex genetic constructs. Individual scientists and R&D teams can capture their domain expertise in the form of design rules, which can then be applied to quickly develop complex genetic constructs helping scientists finely control the expression of gene of interests across many segments of the biotechnology industry.

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