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Arduino Creator Explains Why Open Source Matters In Hardware, Too

Jon Brodkin | Ars Technica | October 14, 2013

Most of the technology world is familiar with open source software and the reasons why, in some eyes, it's more appealing than proprietary software. When software's source code is available for anyone to inspect, it can be examined for security flaws, altered to suit user wishes, or used as the basis for a new product. Read More »

Open-source: So Much More Than Just Software and Freebies

Stephen Chapman | ZDNet | July 20, 2012

Open-source is so much more than just Linux and free software. Learn more about open-source and how it positions itself to better people, businesses, and much more. Read More »

‘Arduino’, Sharing Innovation through Open-source Hardware

Staff Writer | Scaleogy | July 3, 2012

Trade secrets are overrated. Well, it is if you look at Arduino – the open-source microcontroller and physical computing platform that anyone can use to develop their own electronics projects without the fuss of microcontroller programming and licensing permissions. Read More »