Midland Memorial Hospital is Live with EHR Doctors, Inc. on the NHIN

Press Release | Midland Memorial Hospital, EHR Doctors, Inc. | August 3, 2011

August 3, 2011--EHR Doctors, Inc. and Midland Memorial Hospital announced today that Midland Memorial Hospital is now live with the Social Security Administration (SSA) MEGAHIT project. EHR Doctors, Inc. became the first nationwide health information exchange to connect to the Nationwide Health Information Network (NwHIN) and the SSA MEGAHIT project. “EHR Doctors is proud to announce that we can on-board any hospital across the nation onto the NwHIN, not just in certain geographic areas like other HIE initiatives”, said Gerard Reeder, CEO of EHR Doctors. EHR Doctors is located in Pompano Beach, FL while Midland Memorial is located over 1000 miles away in West Texas.

EHR Doctors developed its own platform for Health Information Exchange, which it calls Medibridge.net. Medibridge.net includes technology to generate Continuity of Care Documents from a hospitals Electronic Health Record systems and to transport those records securely over the NwHIN. Medibridge.net also allows patients to control who has access to their information over the Medibridge.net platform, keeping patient privacy at the forefront of the exchange. Medibridge.net plans to offer physicians and other clinicians to access health records over the NwHIN in the 4th quarter 2011.

EHR Doctors, Inc. leveraged Medibridge.net in establishing the link with Midland Memorial Hospital's OpenVista clinical information system. Midland Memorial Hospital's clinical document repository (CDR) is connected to EHR Doctor's record locator service in a federated manner, meaning Midland's patient records remain inside the hospital's firewall while allowing records to be located and exchanged across EHR Doctors, Inc.'s gateway to the NwHIN.

EHR Doctors, Inc.'s CEO, Gerard Reeder, stated, “We are very pleased to welcome Midland Memorial Hospital to the growing Medibridge.Net family and to the NwHIN. Midland Memorial Hospital has the distinction of being named the recipient of the 2009 CIO 100 Award for its implementation of the open source VistA electronic health records system from the United States Department of Veterans affairs, and is a proven leader in electronic health record adoption. Midland was awarded the distinguished Level 6 designation by the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society, (HIMSS) recognizing its high level of automation in delivering patient care. Midland Memorial was also named a Top 100 Hospital by the Thomson organization and one of America's Most Connected Hospitals by US News and World Report. We have thoroughly enjoyed our collaboration with David Whiles, Midland Memorial Hospital's Director of Information Systems, and his colleagues in this collaboration.”

“This is a very important undertaking for Midland Memorial Hospital and our patients throughout Midland, and West Texas. Using EHR Doctors, Inc.'s gateway to the Nationwide Health Information Network is providing significantly faster transfer of medical records for our patients who are applying for disability benefits. We are excited to be a part of SSA's approach to expediting the disability determination process.”, said David Whiles.

For more information regarding Medibridge.net, please visit http://www.ehrdoctors.com