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An Amazing Year for Open Access in Myanmar

Iryna Kuchma | EIFL | March 31, 2016

“Today, with the unprecedented access to diverse research materials online, we are witnessing encouraging progress in the academic efforts of Myanmar researchers and students,” says Professor Dr Thida Win, Rector of the University of Mandalay. It is a sunny morning, beginning of the dry season, Mandalay is very hot, and we are talking about open access in the oldest university in Upper Myanmar with the Open Access Working Group members...

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Developing Nations Improving Health Communication Through the Use of DHIS2 (Part 1)

DHIS2 implementations are spreading steadily among national health services in developing countries as well as among international non-governmental organizations (NGOs) working to improving health in the developing world through the use of health information technology. As an open source solution, DHIS2 offers developing countries the advantage of adopting a cost-effective and flexible solution for aggregate statistical data collection, validation, analysis, management, and presentation as well as for data sharing between healthcare professionals and facilities. Organizations and individuals who work with humanitarian software solutions will need to know what DHIS2 is, how it works, and how it might be implemented by national health services and other health-related projects across the globe...

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