An Amazing Year for Open Access in Myanmar

Iryna Kuchma | EIFL | March 31, 2016

EIFL Open Access Programme Manager Iryna Kuchma recently returned from Myanmar where EIFL, in association with the University of Mandalay and the University of Yangon, organized a series of seminars and meetings to finalize institutional open access policies and launch open access repositories. Iryna was inspired to blog about the people she met and their strong commitment to open access.

“Today, with the unprecedented access to diverse research materials online, we are witnessing encouraging progress in the academic efforts of Myanmar researchers and students,” says Professor Dr Thida Win, Rector of the University of Mandalay. It is a sunny morning, beginning of the dry season, Mandalay is very hot, and we are talking about open access in the oldest university in Upper Myanmar with the Open Access Working Group members.

“Open access has opened up exciting possibilities for people from all over the world who are keen to further their academic work,” said Professor Dr Thida Win. “The doors to socio-economic development are now open. Open access makes academics powerful, but with power comes responsibility.” University of Mandalay has taken ownership and control of their research publications, is designing an open access policy and is preparing to launch an open access repository...