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$99 Parallella Supercomputer uses Open Source Hardware

Staff Writer | CNXSoft | June 30, 2013

Parallella is a low cost supercomputer designed by Adapteva using Xilinx Zynq-7010/7020 FPGA+2x Cortex A9 SoC combined with Adapteva Ephipany 16 or 64 cores epiphany coprocessor. [...] Read More »

$99 Supercomputer Parallella Now Fully Open Source Hardware

Saurav Modak | Muktware | July 3, 2013

While there is a open source alternative for almost every useful closed program out there, open source hardware are however rare. Parallella [...] had promised earlier that they will make their hardware open source. The campaign is now over and now it seems that they have fulfilled their promise. Read More »

Build Your Own Supercomputer: First $99 Parallella Boards Ship

Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols | ZDNet | July 23, 2013

Who says you need millions for a supercomputer? Not Adapteva, which has started shipping its $99 Parallella single-board parallel processing board. Read More »