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Australia to follow New Zealand's lead on changes to software patent laws

The movement to pass new laws doing away with software patents continues to pick up steam. Following on the heels of action by the government of New Zealand to abolish software patents, the Open Source Industry Australia (OSIA) is urging the Australian government to do the same. In addition to New Zealand's recent ban on software patents, the European Union (EU) has been debating similar moves for more than a decade. Brazil, Russia, India and China are also beginning to get on board with the idea. Read More »

EFF To Patent Office: Keep Reexaminations Affordable

Julie Samuels | Electronic Frontier Foundation | November 6, 2012

For many people who care about innovation, the sign of a successful patent system is one that leaves them alone. But lately, that's become nearly impossible. Instead, it's widely understood that if you have a successful business or product, you'll get hit with a patent threat or even a lawsuit—an unfortunate tax on innovation. [...] Read More »

Free Drugs? India Mulls a New Assault on Big Pharma

Jason Overdorf | GlobalPost | June 25, 2012 it seems India is considering offering generic drugs for free to patients at government-run clinics. After Prime Minister Manmohan Singh backed the scheme, the Planning Commission has reportedly allocated $18 million to start the ball rolling.

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How SparkFun Electronics Built Their Open Hardware Business

Christopher Clark | | September 18, 2012

At SparkFun Electronics we do not sell software, yet we have a robust software development team. These developers spend some of their time on, an eCommerce platform with extra content and integrated community elements. The vast majority of their time, however, is spent on Sparkle. Read More »

Legal implications of patenting EHR & PHR ideas

Bailey McCann | CivSource | October 9, 2012

MMRGlobal, another US based health care company recently announced the expansion of its patented suite of electronic health care tools. The announcement is notable as patent wars have been an ongoing issue in the broader IT community for several years Read More »

Quora Response: Fueling Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Kori Schulman | | July 31, 2012

On the Q&A platform Quora today, Chief Technology Officer Todd Park answered a question about President Obama’s efforts to fuel innovation and entrepreneurship. Read Todd's response below, or join the conversation on Quora. Read More »

US Supreme Court to decide if companies can patent Human Genes

Karen McVeigh | The Guardian | April 11, 2013

The US supreme court will hear oral arguments next week to decide whether companies can patent human genes, in a landmark case which could alter the course of US medical research and the battle against diseases such as breast and ovarian cancer. Read More »

Viratech Announces Agreement For License Of Technology Platform For Cancer Patients

Press Release |, Viratech Corp. | May 30, 2013

Viratech Corp. (PINKSHEETS: VIRA), the first open source biotech research social network platform, announced today the signing of an agreement for a license issued from Chris Ryan and Kevin Buckman for a patent-pending, provisional application titled "Method of Lowering a Cancer Patient's Morbidity Rate by Increasing Quality of Life of Patient by Leveraging Cause-Based Electronic Social Support Networks." Read More »

Why the Patent System Doesn't Play Well with Software: If Eolas Went the Other Way

Julie Samuels | | February 17, 2012

Everyone take a deep breath: it seems we've had a moment of sanity in the patent wars. Last week, a jury invalidated the dangerous Eolas patents, which their owner claimed covered, well, essentially the whole Internet. 

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