Representational State Transfer (REST)

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AnsibleWorks Releases AWX: IT Orchestration And Application Deployment For The Enterprise

Press Release | AnsibleWorks | August 6, 2013

AnsibleWorks, Inc., the company behind Ansible, the popular Open Source IT application deployment and configuration management solution, announced today the release of AWX, the company's first commercial enterprise product, addressing the need for simple, powerful and secure IT automation on premise and in the cloud. Read More »

RWJF Report: Time to Transition to a Post-HITECH World?

Context and perspective matter. And it’s often both context and perspective that are lacking from the daily snapshots we get of health information technology, meaningful use, interoperability and the progress we are either making or not making, depending on your perspective. So I welcome a report like the one the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) released last month on the state of health information technology circa 2015 in these United States. Subtitled “Transition to a Post-HITECH World,” the detailed report, created in collaboration with the University of Michigan School of Communication, the Harvard School of Public Health and Mathematica Policy Research, takes a 10,000-feet view of the ongoing digitalization of healthcare and what the priorities are as we approach the terminus of HITECH.

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