WSO2 Donates Stratos To The Apache Foundation

Abel Avram | InfoQ | June 24, 2013

Apache Stratos has entered incubation with contributors from Cisco, NASA, Citrix and Engine Yard, among others. WSO2 still keeps their open source middleware under their control.

WSO2 has donated Stratos to the Apache Foundation which accepted it into incubation, opening the way for other parties interested to contribute to this already open source PaaS. The main components entering Apache’s supervision are:

  • an IaaS-agnostic layer based on JClouds
  • Stratos Controller – responsible for interacting with the underlying IaaS, managing and monitoring jobs
  • Stratos Foundation Services – messaging, logging, security, registry and billing
  • A number of pre-built cartridges: MySQL, PHP and Tomcat. More on cartridges in this InfoQ post.