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Obamacare: Scammers Seizing the Opportunity

Chronicle Staff | Houston Chronicle | July 15, 2013

Scammers apparently taking advantage of people’s confusion over the Affordable Care Act are calling to offer “Obamacare cards” and threatening to throw them in jail unless they buy insurance Read More »

Rand Paul Slams Surveillance State 'Drunk With Power'

Shane Goldmacher | Nextgov | March 20, 2014

Sen. Rand Paul delivered a blistering critique of America's spy agencies on Wednesday, likening the surveillance state to the "dystopian nightmares" of literature and arguing that a growing number of his colleagues on Capitol Hill now fear an intelligence apparatus that is "drunk with power."

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The Mystifying Misperception

Joseph Graziano | Huffington Post | October 25, 2012

The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have raised our historical ineptitudes to a crisis level. The prevalence of traumatic brain injuries and post-traumatic stress disorder have left thousands of returning soldiers incapable of managing their own care...The combination of the above factors has inflicted an unprecedented strain on the resources available to the Department of Veterans Affairs.

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