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Open Source Robotics Software Solutions

Arkapravo Bhaumik | Linux For You | March 26, 2012

"Of late, there has been a surge in open source robotics software platforms. Of note are Player Project, Robot Operating System (ROS), MORSE (Modular Open Robots Simulation Engine), YARP (Yet Another Robot Platform), MOOS (Mission-Oriented Operating Suite), ORCOS (Open Robot Control Software) and URBI (Universal Real-time Behaviour Interface). Of all these, ROS stands out as the largest integration of such platforms, and allows the user to port in other software and elements from other platforms." Read this excellent update in Linux For You. Read More »

STEMI: DIY open access spider robot that teaches kids 3D modeling, robotics and code

Kira | | October 26, 2015

STEMI is a hexapod robot that is controlled with a smartphone app and moves quite like a spider. More than just a robot, however, STEMI is intended to be a learning experience, teaching users aged 13 and up the basics of 3D modeling, electronics, Arduino programming and mobile app programming—the kinds of skills they’ll require to shape our future. In the future, 3D printable custom covers will also be made available for those wanting to learn 3D printing technology. Though it is primarily intended for children, there’s no reason adult tinkerers can’t learn a little something, or just have fun with it, too.

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Surgical Robots to Provide Open-Source Platform for Medical Robotics Research

Hannah Hickey | | January 12, 2012

In a basement on the University of Washington campus perch seven identical robots. Named Raven, each has two winglike arms that end in tiny claws designed to perform surgery on a simulated patient. Read More »

TelePresence and TeleMedicine

Staff | University of South Florida | January 1, 2012

The project is to design an open-source based robotic telemedicine system (Figure 1) for the Moffitt Cancer Center. Currently available commercial solutions are either proprietary, or lack features, such as quality communication equipment. We have designed and implemented a system that is capable to navigate in a clinical environment with minimum human intervention. Read More »