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Google's Grand Plan For Nest Goes Way Beyond The Internet Of Things

Galen Gruman | InfoWorld | January 14, 2014

Physical devices are becoming just as important as digital services in achieving Google's know-everything ambitions Read More »

How The “Internet Of Things” Will Replace The Web

Christopher Mims | Quartz | December 15, 2013

We’ve already written about why 2014 is really, finally the year that the “internet of things”—that effort to remotely control every object on earth—becomes visible in our everyday lives. Read More »

Is Critical Thinking Being Outsourced To Google?

Mukul Chopra | LinkedIn | March 1, 2014

One of my favorite questions to a young prospective job applicant goes like this: Imagine you are on a deserted island with no phone or other internet enabled device. You have never been to NYC. Now, if I asked you how many Thai restaurants are in NYC? How would you try and find that out? What considerations might be important to answer this question? Read More »

MIT Whiz Sets Out To Humanize The Internet Of Things

Joseph Flaherty | Wired | June 19, 2013

The “Internet of Things” grows with every light bulb, garage door opener, and watch that connects to it, but product designer Valentin Heun isn’t sure that investing in these so-called “smart” devices is a good idea... Read More »