Social Security (SS)

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American Public Health Association Seeks To Improve And Rebrand Public Health

Anthony Brino | Government Health IT | November 11, 2013

The American Public Health Association adopted 17 new policy statements at its annual meeting Nov. 2-6 in Boston, issuing ambitious recommendations to public health officials and also trying to rebrand the field of public health. Read More »

Experian Sold Consumer Data To Identity Theft Organization

Pam Baker | FierceBigData | October 21, 2013

If consumers and financial institutions weren't disillusioned enough with the shoddy performance of traditional credit bureaus, they will be now that a KrebsOnSecurity investigation discovered Experian sold consumer data to an identity theft organization. Read More »

How Could Be Hacked

Dana Liebelson | Mother Jones | October 24, 2013

Security experts say the federal health insurance website is vulnerable to a common technique that hackers use to steal personal information. Read More »