Experian Sold Consumer Data To Identity Theft Organization

Pam Baker | FierceBigData | October 21, 2013

If consumers and financial institutions weren't disillusioned enough with the shoddy performance of traditional credit bureaus, they will be now that a KrebsOnSecurity investigation discovered Experian sold consumer data to an identity theft organization.

The investigation revealed Experian, one of three major credit bureaus, sold Social Security and drivers license numbers as well as bank accounts and credit card data on millions of Americans through its recently purchased Court Ventures arm to an underground, identity theft service called Superget.info.

According to the KrebsOnSecurity investigative report, Experian was fooled by Superget.info's proprietors posing as a U.S.-based private investigation firm. But how Experian and its Court Ventures arm were still blind to the con when paid monthly by a wire transfer from Singapore is simply mindboggling.