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Data Sharing And Analytics: Changing HHS For The Better

Adam Stone | Government Technology | January 9, 2015

In many states, IT planners in health and human services have sought ways to bridge the divide, gathering data from disparate sources across government to inform the public, drive better policy and improve social outcomes...

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Expanding iHRIS to Support the Social Services Workforce

Dykki Settle | iHRIS | June 29, 2012

When we think of healthcare workers, we tend to think of doctors, nurses, midwives, and the like. We originally developed the iHRIS Suite to track and manage these traditional, well-defined cadres. Read More »

How A City Is Slashing Gun Crime With A Paid Fellowship For Would-Be Shooters

Ben Schiller | Co.Exist | March 1, 2016

A few years ago, the city of Richmond, California, embarked on a radical new approach to gun violence. Instead of simply arresting, prosecuting, and jailing its shooters, it started helping them. It formed a fellowship program, introduced intensive mentoring, and asked these "high-risk individuals" to agree to wide-ranging life-goals.
The strategy appears to be working. Since 2007—the year it launched its Office of Neighborhood Safety (ONS)—there's been a 76% reduction in firearm-related homicides and a 66% reduction in firearm-related assaults. Helping young men break a cycle of hopelessness and nihilism gets results, officials say...

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Moving Towards An Open Platform Paradigm: The Digital Health Strategy For Catalonia

At the 2021 Digital health & Wellness Summit 2021 (DHWS21) in Barcelona, it was clear that integrated care based on openEHR will be a major focus for Catalonia's healthcare. Catalonia is a globally respected region for its innovative approach to healthcare. The major challenge the region faces is similar to what most healthcare organizations are seeing: inability to share or access data between different systems...The current EHR systems are also proving to be too expensive to maintain, as discussed by members of the panel. For this reasons the region has opted for a different approach. Catalonia is now investing 40 million Euros in a new digital health strategy that focuses on developing a new model of information systems and electronic health records (EHRs) that are based on openEHR’s - open data standards.

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Open Access To Data Can Break Down Barriers And Empower Patients

Zahid Latif | Guardian Professional | March 17, 2014

Without a technological shift to a new care model based on the open use of data, public health and social services will struggle to keep up with the needs of those with long-term health conditions and the looming problem of our ageing population.

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