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Rewriting The Journal

Michelle Fredette | Campus Technology | August 28, 2012

With faculty balking at the high price of traditional academic journals, can other digital publishing options get traction? Read More »

Springer And Simula Join Forces To Provide Free eBooks On Computing

Press Release | Simula Research Laboratory, Springer | December 10, 2014

New open access book series Simula SpringerBriefs on Computing introduces essentials of computing science...

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Springer Renews Its Commitment to Open Access

Springer Business Media Staff | Information Today | July 16, 2013

Springer Science+Business Media announced that the influence of its open access (OA) journals has increased over the past year. Read More »

Springer To Collaborate With Scion On Open Access journal

Press Release | Scion, Springer Science+Business Media, New Zealand Journal of Forestry Science | January 17, 2013

New Zealand Journal of Forestry Science will join the SpringerOpen portfolio Read More »

Springer To Publish New Open Access Journal With The Korean Society For Micro And Nano Systems

Press Release | Springer Science+Business Media | November 8, 2012

Beginning in March 2013, Springer and the Korean Society for Micro and Nano Systems will partner to publish a new interdisciplinary journal Micro and Nano Systems Letters (MNSL). As a fully sponsored open access journal, it will be part of the SpringerOpen portfolio, available on link.springer.com. Read More »

Suber: Leader Of A Leaderless Revolution

Richard Poynder | Information Today, Inc | July 1, 2011

What is remarkable about the open access (OA) movement is that despite having no formal structure, no official organization, and no appointed leader, it has (in the teeth of opposition from incumbent publishers) triggered a radical transformation in a publishing system that had changed little in 350 years... Read More »

Universities 'Get Poor Value' From Academic Journal-Publishing Firms

Ian Sample | The Guardian | June 16, 2014

Research finds secrecy over contracts has stopped some institutions realising they are paying too much for journals

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