United Parcel Service (UPS)

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3D Printing Goes Mainstream Retail

Rebecca J. Rosen | The Atlantic | August 20, 2013

Just another day at UPS: Photocopy the ol' resume, ship back shoes to Zappos, print a car part. Read More »

No Room In Health Care for Users

Giovanni Colella | LinkedIn Blog | November 25, 2013

The front page of this morning’s Wall Street Journal featured an important story about one of the most important trends in health care today: the rise of consumerism.  For many years, most people had “first-dollar” coverage, where effectively they were paying for all their medical care with someone else’s credit card.

Read More »

Think Like Linux, Act Like UPS, Smile Like Amazon: Toward Open Source Logistics

Phil Granof | Wired | January 22, 2014

What does one do when quality, quantity, and complexity collide? For that is the conundrum of large enterprises facing the vast resources available in the world of open source software (OSS). GitHub, the largest online code-hosting site, lists 10.2 million repositories, and Black Duck, the company for which I work, tracks 30 billion lines of open source code. Read More »