wireless sensor network (WSN)

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Health & Wellness Wireless Sensor Networks To Be Worth $16 Billion In 2017, Says ON World

Press Release | ON World | March 13, 2013

ON World’s recently published report covers 16 unique wireless sensing applications that are transforming health and wellness for chronic disease management, operational management, assisted care and general wellness. Read More »

Health Checks Via Smartphones, Tablets On The Way

Tim Lohman | ZDNet | July 25, 2013

A new cloud-based system could deliver real-time health monitoring and alerts to healthcare professionals. Read More »

IBM Rolls “Internet Of Things” Starter Kit

Michael Cooney | Network World | October 21, 2013

IBM today said it teamed up with wireless sensor builder Libelium to offer what it calls an Internet of Things starter kit that would let customers deploy dozens of different sensor applications. Read More »

Military Health System Study Analyzes Privacy Challenges

Patrick Ouellette | HealthITSecurity.com | October 1, 2013

Considering the privacy issues with the Veterans Affairs (VA) recently, military health data privacy has been a hot-button issue in the healthcare sector lately. It seems as though the Military Health System concurs with the notion that a more formalized privacy procedures need to be put in place. Read More »