Leah Houston, MD

Leah Houston, MD is the CEO and founder of the Humanitarian Physicians Empowerment Community (HPEC).

While practicing emergency medicine across the US for nearly 10 years she recognized a common problem: uncompensated administrative burdens related to physician employment and credentialing are a leading cause of administrative waste and physician burnout.

Dr. Houston, realized that self-sovereign identity technology could be applied to alleviate this problem by allowing physicians to be the single source of verifiable truth about their professional identity and credentials.

HPEC will streamline the current antiquated and laborious process of credentialing, reduce administrative waste, improve access to care and give physicians sovereign ownership of their data and employment rights. HPEC identities also create an opportunity for physicians to communicate with each other more efficiently in order to improve patient care. The technology will also allow patients to interact directly with their physicians which will restore agency, privacy, and autonomy to the physician patient relationship.

In presenting a solution that has the potential to alleviate the administrative waste for health systems, government and practicing physicians she is a recognized and requested national speaker on the topic of decentralized identity as it relates to healthcare. Her work was featured as a part of the first HIMSS Blockchain and Healthcare Textbook.

A lifelong advocate, innovator and investor Dr. Houston has also spent lobbying for public policy and healthcare reform. She understands the problems that plague the healthcare system and understands how this revolutionary new technology can help.

Contact Information

Website: HPEC
Twitter: @LeahHoustonMD
Email: [email protected]