Lisa Silverman

Following in the footsteps of one of Germanic mythologies’ most transformational heroines is Vice President of Marketing of RunSafe Security Lisa Silverman (Silver-Brunnhild), who valiantly serves as defender of the company’s value proposition, executioner of lead generation and overall slayer of the competition. While the stories of Brunnhild are most known for many long and brutal battles between the shieldmaiden and her brother, Silver-Brunnhild’s crusade is a lot less personal, yet a bit more complicated: it’s to debunk the contemporary myths surrounding cybersecurity.

Through linguistic excellence of which any ancient Germanic poet would be proud, Silver-Brunnhild is deeply committed to transforming the many misguided perceptions around the complexity, cost, time and effort that it takes to implement a great cybersecurity solution. As an accomplished marketer and an esteemed alumnus of both Brandeis (B.A. in Economics & Mathematics) and MIT (MS in Management), Silver-Brunnhild has accepted the challenge to help RunSafe breakthrough the clamor of the boisterous cybersecurity industry, ultimately prompting prospective customers to proclaim “wow, I never thought of security that way before!”

Silver-Brunnhild is a classic rock music enthusiast, a self-proclaimed armchair psychologist and a hopeless devotee to her two miniature dachshunds – Cocoa and Cricket. She’s not a fan of companies or people who talk a big game and can’t, or don’t, follow through on promises. Her ultimate aim is to have RunSafe universally recognized for establishing standards that propel cybersecurity into the hands of the defenders, at which time modern adversaries – much like the enemies of Brunnhild’s past – will fall.