Making Way for the Next Generation

After more than 3 years as a senior editor and writer for Open Health News (OHNews), I am stepping down at the end of this month and finally heading off to retirement. I've spent almost 40 enjoyable years working in the healthcare industry, but the time has come to depart.

One of the more interesting challenges in my career, was helping with the startup of OHNews. I'm proud of what we produced and have helped accomplish. OHNews has indeed become "The Voice for the Open Health Community."

I'm thankful to Roger Maduro, CEO and Editor-in-Chief of OHNews, for giving me the opportunity to be a part of the organization. Now that the organization is firmly established and finally on the verge of becoming profitable, it is time for the next generation to take over. I join many of my peers who have also stepped aside.

The global Open Health movement is now moving forward rapidly in so many directions. It has mushroomed into so many vibrant and diverse areas such as open source software, open source hardware, open access, open data, open architecture, open standards, and more – it's truly remarkable.

I look forward to seeing how the Open Health movement continues to unfold around the world over the coming years. 

Thank you,

Peter Groen


Very interesting and

Very interesting and inspiring article. i would love to hear more of you here. More power!

Inspiring story

You are an absolute stunner. Actually you did a great job. As you mentioned: one of the interesting challenges in my career, was helping with the startup of OHNews. Its really cool and inspiring too for young generation. You have proposed some essential requirements for global open health movement, this really appreciable. It would be better if they accomplish it successfully.