Apervita Selected to Demonstrate Real-time Analytics for the Veterans Affairs’ Digital Health Platform

Press Release | Apervita | January 9, 2017

Demonstrates how the VA’s rich health knowledge can be operationalized in record time, enhancing workflow to benefit all Veterans

Chicago, Ill. (January 9, 2017) Apervita, Inc., the leading platform and marketplace for health analytics & data, today announced that Apervita participated in the US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) proof-of-concept to demonstrate the power of real-time analytics to deliver higher quality, more efficient and flexible care as part of the Digital Health Platform (DHP) architecture. The VA’s DHP unlocks the enormous opportunity to integrate analytics for all patients and care providers, into a wide range of decision workflows and technologies, to provide the best care everywhere. In the proof-of-concept, Apervita acts as the real-time analytics engine to continuously execute pathways and guidelines and distribute resulting insights throughout the DHP and other platforms across the care continuum.

In just the first three weeks of the public-private partnership, managed by Georgia Tech, Apervita and the proof-of-concept partners demonstrated the ability to create and deploy complex medical pathways, integrate and execute them in real-time, and orchestrate the distribution of powerful insights across DHP components. The scope of the proof-of-concept was focused on three core user stories, including Byron’s Story, which consisted of creating a unified view across sites and settings of his journey to optimize critical decisions for his care for traumatic brain injury. The story included liberating his data, implementing his care plan, integrating his clinical encounters, and ultimately, optimizing his medication. Detailed information on the VA’s DHP user stories is available at oit.va.gov/specialreports/dhp/.

“A Veteran’s data and full health record is currently housed in many different, complex systems, each holding discrete records of the Veteran’s interactions with her military, community, and VA health teams,” said La Verne Council, assistant secretary for information and technology and chief information officer for the office of information and technology within the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. “Our DHP liberates this data, connecting to each health record and enabling a wrap-around platform that continuously gathers this discrete data, analyzes each clinical interaction, and prescribes precision, proven care.”

“Apervita is proud to be selected as the real-time analytics & data platform for the VA’s DHP proof-of-concept,” said Paul Magelli, chief executive officer, Apervita. “During the last decade the U.S. health industry has invested billions of dollars digitizing health data, yet our most valuable asset, health knowledge, is still largely disconnected from data and care providers’ workflows. We share the power of VA’s vision to invest in platforms capable of scaling and operationalizing health knowledge to transform care delivery for the benefit of Veterans everywhere.”

The DHP is an entirely new approach to healthcare. It leverages public-private partnerships and the VA’s vast data stores to create a new paradigm for health services delivery — and public services delivery across every Federal agency. DHP is a cloud-based technology platform integrating Veteran data from VA, military and commercial electronic health records (EHRs), applications, devices, and wearables, and combines it with real-time analytics and engagement platforms to improve Veteran's health care across all settings and caregivers.

For clinicians and Veterans, DHP provides a comprehensive dashboard spanning a veteran’s complete health record. From a technology standpoint, DHP incorporates open health data standards such as HL7 and cloud-based technologies to bring together the best innovations in a framework that rapidly delivers new functionality to the nation’s Veterans. DHP leverages a network of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to integrate military and commercial health data, while unifying VA’s data stores, connecting patient to provider in real-time, and predicting the most successful care to provide a better experience to the Veteran.

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