Axial Exchange And HealthDay Partner To Provide Customized Health News To Enhance Patient Engagement And Improve Outcomes

Press Release | Axial Exchange, HealthDay | April 8, 2014

RALEIGH, N.C.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--April 8, 2014--Axial Exchange, Inc., a pioneer in using mobile apps to deepen the patient’s role in improving outcomes, today announced that it has partnered with HealthDay, a leading producer and syndicator of evidence-based healthcare news for consumers and physicians, to give Axial’s users access to HealthDay’s news updates. Axial’s customers will be able to view information on iPhone and Android devices that has been tailored to align with their specific health conditions, such as hypertension, heart disease, diabetes and cancer.

HealthDay content is now available on Axial’s mobile platform, Axial Patient, and will feature up-to-date personalized news syndicated from 5,000 websites, such as WebMD, MSN Health,, Everyday Health, and MedlinePlus. HealthDay’s newsfeed is coded for more than 700 diseases and conditions and 32 medical specialties, allowing Axial’s customers to select the stories that best suit their needs in an effort to improve their overall health and wellness.

“Engaged patients are interested in keeping up with what the latest research means for their health and this partnership will provide our patients with timely, personalized content every day,” said Joanne Rohde, CEO of Axial Exchange. “We are excited to work with HealthDay to provide the necessary information to our customers to truly enhance patient engagement.”

“Providers, health plans and employers are all trying to figure out how to get patients to stay focused on treating their conditions, and mobile applications, like Axial’s have proven to be instrumental in improving patient engagement and overall patient wellness,” said Tony Hall, Director of Accounts at HealthDay. “Our trusted content helps keep patients engaged more frequently—with daily news updates, patients can get the information they need as soon it becomes available.”

Axial’s solutions are used by more than 70 provider organizations across the U.S. and focus on improving patient engagement and clinical outcomes. Axial Exchange won first prize in the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Partnership for Patients initiative on the Ensuring Safe Transitions from Hospital to Home Challenge run by the Office of the National Coordinator (ONC).

About HealthDay

HealthDay is a leading producer and syndicator of evidence-based health news for consumers and physicians and is one of the largest health news syndicators to Internet sites. Its daily consumer health news service appears on more than 5,000 websites such as Yahoo!, MSN Health,, Everyday Health, and government websites like, and MedlinePlus. A daily video version of the top health news story of the day is featured on HealthDay TV, a 90-second daily news broadcast appearing on several major media and U.S. government websites.

HealthDay also produces Physician's Briefing, a daily news service for physicians and other medical professionals. This service is licensed to hospitals, managed care organizations, media companies, and point of care providers.

HealthDay's custom content division produces specialized content for a variety of audiences and works with some of the larger health portals in the United States.

About Axial Exchange

Axial Exchange is revolutionizing the way that patients manage their health. With Axial, hospitals are able to keep their patients continuously engaged, resulting in dramatically improved health outcomes and much more satisfied patients. Axial drives engagement by giving patients the information and interactive tools patients need in order to get well -- all delivered securely to the device of the patient's choice. Patients can share their health information with providers and caregivers. Health systems benefit via lower readmissions and improved patient satisfaction scores. For more information, visit:

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