Digitaliza TXT Selected as a Finalist for the 2015 Bio-IT World Award for Its Adoption of Electronic Data Capture ClinCapture

Press Release | Digitaliza TXT | April 15, 2015

Digitaliza TXT Was Selected as One of the 25 Finalists for the Bio-IT World Best Practices Award for Its Real-Life Case Study on Adopting Clinovo’s Electronic Data Capture System, ClinCapture.

Nominated by Clinovo, Digitaliza TXT, the leading technology provider for CROs in Latin America has been selected as one of the finalists for the 2015 Bio-IT Best Practices Award. Digitaliza TXT was nominated for its submission, sharing a real-life case study on transitioning from paper based studies to EDC system ClinCapture, to better support its local and global clients in the clinical trial industry.

The Best Practices Awards highlight outstanding examples of how technology innovations and strategic initiatives can be powerful forces for change in the life sciences, from basic biomedical research to drug development and beyond. More than 75 projects have been recognized since 2003.

Joining Clinovo’s CRO Partnership Program in 2014, Digitaliza TXT selected ClinCapture as its Electronic Data Capture when transitioning from paper-based trials for CROs, labs and sponsor companies in Mexico and Latinamerica. In her paper, Ana Pulido, CEO at Digitaliza TXT explains her need for a cost-effective solution as her customers could not afford the high license fees, and implementation costs and delays. Digitaliza TXT also needed an easy-to-use platform that did not require programming skills to build clinical studies. ClinCapture enabled them to be complaint, meet high standards for data quality, and keep control of their studies without increasing their clinical developments costs.

“We are honored to have been selected as a finalist for the Bio-IT World Award. Operating in markets where budgets are tight, we needed a cost-effective solution as our customers could not afford the high license fees and steep implementation costs more US companies charge to build databases.” Said Ana Pulido, CEO of Digitaliza TXT. “With ClinCapture, we are able to build studies on our own after three days of training and a bit of practice, while relying on Clinovo to fully support the solution and respond to any IT infrastructure needs”.

“We couldn’t be more excited to nominate Digitaliza TXT as a real-life case study for ClinCapture’s adoption”, says Glenn Keet, CEO of Clinovo. “Our solution is well suited as an alternative to paper for low-budget clinical trials and has allowed Digitaliza TXT to build, deploy and manage their studies themselves without compensating vendors to build their studies for them.” Clinovo’s CRO Partnership Program allows its CRO partners to increase their profit margin while retaining control of services provided to sponsors and clinical trials. The partner program also comes with co-marketing and lead generation activities.

Digitaliza TXT among 24 finalists, will compete for seven awards chosen by a panel of expert judges. The winners will be announced during the keynote session at the Bio-IT World Conference and Expo 2015 on April 22nd in Boston, MA.

About Digitaliza TXT:

Digitaliza TXT is an IT Consulting Company that provides integration, development, training and infrastructure services. Digitaliza provides high value data services for CROs and clinical research companies in the region of México and Latin America.

About ClinCapture:

Clinovo’s flagship solution ClinCapture is the only free validated electronic data capture software. ClinCapture empowers CROs, Pharmaceuticals and Medical Device companies to build their studies themselves, lower their clinical trials costs and streamline their data capture processes. ClinCapture’s cost-effective, and self-service platform is ideally suited for small-sized, early-phase clinical trials, and medical device, and paper-based clinical studies.

About Bio-IT World Award and conference:

The Bio-IT World Best Practices Award highlights outstanding examples of technology innovation in the life sciences, from basic R&D to translational medicine. The annual Bio-IT World Conference & Expo has established itself as a premier event showcasing the myriad applications of IT and informatics to biomedical research and the drug discovery enterprise.

Contact Information:

Ana Pulido | Chief Executive Officer

[email protected] | 52 55 5585 0762