Dossia Launches New Livli Social Network To Promote Better Consumer Health

Press Release | Dossia | October 24, 2012

Dossia, a leading electronic health management provider, announced the launch of Livli -- -- a free, online social network and resource center dedicated to consumer health and well-being.

Livli provides steps designed to empower users to improve their health and well-being by identifying specific goals and tracking a user's progress toward achieving them. The site can also connect users with individuals who have similar goals, enabling them to interact about specific topics such as weight loss, parenting, life experiences and more. Through these communities as well as articles posted to the site by other individuals, users can find answers to their health and well-being questions.

"Livli is unique in that it combines social networking capabilities with expert content and health tools, all of which is customized by real health information," said Steve Munini, Dossia's Chief Operating Officer. "We look forward to offering an increasing number of compelling, consumer-oriented personal health and well-being solutions through Livli."

Users also have access to Dossia's Health Marketplace through Livli. Through the marketplace, Livli recommends personal health applications and tools to users related to their personal goals. These applications cover a wide variety of healthcare needs such as stress management, weight loss/fitness tips, blood pressure monitoring, disease management and prevention and healthcare billing issues. Users can download the applications to their Dossia Health Manager account where the information is kept private and secure. Dossia will expand the Health Marketplace based on the need and demand from site users. 

"The Dossia Marketplace takes Livli into the realm of consumer empowerment over healthcare and spending," said Mike Critelli, Dossia's Chief Executive Officer. "Livli recognizes all of us are in clinical settings a relatively small part of the time, but are responsible for managing our health most of the time. It also builds upon the Dossia Health Manager capability of enabling a family care leader to manage the health of its family."

Dossia plans to make Livli available to its key customers including its largest client, Walmart. Walmart is rolling out Livli to its 1.4 million associates in the U.S. and their dependents.

For more information on how to integrate with Dossia and to apply to be included in the Health Marketplace, visit

About Dossia

Dossia is an organization consisting of several large U.S. employers who have united under a common vision: to empower their employees to make smarter more informed decisions about their healthcare. Through Dossia, they will leverage their combined influence to break down barriers to health information, which will help drive consumer-initiated change. The Dossia Founders group includes AT&T, Applied Materials, BP America, Cardinal Health, Intel, NantWorks, Pitney Bowes, Sanofi, Vanguard Health Systems and Walmart. For more information, visit


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