DSS Inc. to Upgrade VA’s Non-VA Care Claims Management System FBCS with Web-Based Centralization and Auto Adjudication Functionality

Press Release | Document Storage Systems, Inc. (DSS), Alpha II | December 17, 2015

Automated processes reduce the time to intake claims by over 90 percent to improve veteran satisfaction, lower costs, and increase visibility.

Juno Beach, FL – December 17, 2015 – Document Storage Systems, Inc. (DSS), the leading commercial provider of VistA-based systems, today announced valuable operational enhancements to its Fee Basis Claims System (FBCS) application. The new functionality enhances the claims management process for the Department of Veterans’ Affairs (VA) Non-VA care claims by centralizing data and further automating the adjudication process. The new browser-based version of the application suite complies with VA Enterprise Technical Architecture (ETA) as well as VA future-state design patterns and is scalable to support current and expected increases in claims processing workload. These enhancements will greatly assist in processing the ever-increasing number of Non-VA Purchased Care claims to ensure that medical providers who treat our nation’s veterans receive timely and accurate reimbursement. The enhanced system will also assist the VA in managing regulatory changes (such as the Veterans’ Choice Act) as they arise.

DSS’ centralized web-based application, developed in partnership with Alpha II and Complete Medical Solutions (CMS), provides standardization of disparate claims processing and data to prepare for a fully centralized processing business model. This new functionality is being offered as an operational, maintenance upgrade to DSS’ nationally purchased product, FBCS. The web application suite employs configurable “touch by exception” business rules that improve processing efficiency and accuracy by applying VA policy and pricing to automate claims adjudication, when appropriate. Further, the FBCS communicates with all existing 131 integrated VistA servers, providing a consolidated view of decentralized VistA operations.

Centralized FBCS Upgrade Capabilities:

  • Automated processes reduce the time to intake claims by over 90 percent
  • 90% reduction in IT costs with a fully browser-based interface
  • 80% reduction in staff login times via Single Sign-On (SSO)
  • 30% reduction in claims processing costs with rules-based auto-adjudication
  • Centralization of access, storage, and reporting of data
  • Single point of entry for all VA staff
  • Instant, organization-wide visibility to stakeholders via dashboard metrics of national data
  • Standardization of processes through user-configurable rules, policies and settings

“At DSS, our extensive in-depth knowledge of Non-VA Purchased Care management uniquely positions us to provide a system to support efforts that ensure timely, effective and accurate processing of fee claims,” said Mark Byers, CEO and President of DSS. “We recognized the challenge of processing fee claims through disparate processes and data. We sought to provide a system that would centralize operations and data, to alleviate waste and duplication, and increase throughput and timeliness; ultimately improving satisfaction and outcomes for the Veterans we help the VA to serve.”

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