It's Time: Cloudera Takes Aim At The Legacy Data Management Solutions Market

Press Release | Cloudera | June 4, 2013

Enterprise Hadoop Pioneer Urges the Industry to "Unaccept the Status Quo" Established by Proprietary Data Warehouse and Storage Vendors

PALO ALTO, CA and SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - Jun 4, 2013) -  From The Economist Information Forum in San Francisco, Cloudera, the leader in enterprise analytic data management powered by Apache Hadoop, declared today that an evolutionary shift is underway in the advancement of the enterprise data management market, challenging enterprises to "unaccept the status quo" imposed by decades of proprietary, legacy data management vendors. The company is encouraging organizations to instead embrace Hadoop as an alternative path for data to grow into, a platform specifically designed for big data and built on open source innovation. Sharing real world use cases from Cloudera's customer installed base, chief executive officer Mike Olson demonstrated how organizations' implementation of Hadoop as a central pillar of data management is causing a shift in usage and a dramatic reduction in cost. While it currently complements legacy data management solutions, Hadoop is rapidly emerging as a viable replacement for some workloads, eliminating the need for continual costly system upgrades by enabling users to scale and extend their existing infrastructure with massively increased operational and storage efficiencies, cost savings and increased business insight, all for a tenth of the cost. 

"For more than thirty years, the data management industry has relied on relational databases, dedicated expensive storage and other very expensive special purpose legacy systems," said Mike Olson, chief executive officer, Cloudera. "While that approach was very powerful for decades, the accelerating tsunami of data arriving every minute, every hour, every day has begun to overwhelm those systems. Advancements in business analytics have been hindered by the relatively small fraction of the total data made available, and the cost to store, move and process it. Today, the existing standard approach is changing. The center of gravity of the enterprise data center is shifting -- it's moving toward Hadoop."

In a separate statement today, the company announced the public beta of Cloudera Search, the latest addition to CDH, Cloudera's 100% open source distribution including Apache Hadoop. Cloudera Search, the industry's first integrated search engine for real-time exploration of data stored in Apache Hadoop, further extends the company's vision to deliver a single, centralized data management platform. Together with its other recent advancements, like Cloudera Impala, it moves Hadoop beyond batch processing to real-time applications, so users can ask bigger questions of their data.

Unaccept the Status Quo: A Bold Departure from Business as Usual

The modern era of big data threatens to upend the status quo across organizations, from the data center to the boardroom. Founded in 2008, Cloudera was first to recognize the potential of Apache Hadoop for business data applications and its promise of a cheaper, more flexible and scalable alternative to legacy data management systems, as an answer to costly legacy solutions that had been gridlocking the market for years.

Today, Hadoop is successfully upending the economics of data management as a best of breed alternative to costly legacy data storage, processing and analysis solutions. It tackles the challenges of massive data growth and ensures that Cloudera's vision for an open, scalable and cost efficient Platform for Big Data is a reality. Cloudera delivers a centralized platform to address real world data challenges that were previously unsolvable, for pennies on the dollar.

Olson continued, "Storing and analyzing all one's data with old guard legacy systems doesn't make sense, economically or technically. Now organizations have a choice. They no longer need to make undereducated, on-the-fly decisions about what data to keep and what to offload, or business decisions with insufficient information. Hadoop has fundamentally transformed the economics of data management, making it possible to choose to keep all one's data, without an exorbitant, ongoing investment in a cumbersome technology that can't keep pace with the growth of data or the evolving needs of a business. Cloudera is making it possible to store and manage all data -- today -- so organizations can leverage it whenever and however they see fit. This opens up new opportunities for data discovery and insights that were never before possible under the old paradigm. Welcome to the new era of data management." 

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Founded in 2008, Cloudera pioneered the business case for Hadoop with CDH, the world's most comprehensive, thoroughly tested and widely deployed 100% open source distribution of Apache Hadoop in both commercial and non-commercial environments. Now, the company is redefining data management with its Platform for Big Data, Cloudera Enterprise, empowering enterprises to Ask Bigger Questions™ and gain rich, actionable insights from all their data, to quickly and easily derive real business value that translates into competitive advantage. As the top contributor to the Apache open source community and leading educator of data professionals with the broadest array of Hadoop training and certification programs, Cloudera also offers comprehensive consulting services. Over 600 partners across hardware, software and services have teamed with Cloudera to help meet organizations big data goals. With tens of thousands of nodes under management and hundreds of customers across diverse markets, Cloudera is the category leader that has set the standard for Hadoop in the enterprise.

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