Open Source Health Inc. Names Fred Trotter As Chief Operating Officer

Press Release | Open Source Health (OSH) | February 20, 2014

Toronto, Canada - February 20, 2014: Open Source Health Inc. (CSE:OSH) a digital integrated healthcare company dedicated to advancing life-long solutions for women's health and wellness is pleased to announce the appointment of Fred Trotter as Chief Operating Officer (COO). Fred has served as an advisor to Open Source Health since December 2013.

"Fred is a well respected figure in the Health IT community, as well as a world-class visionary with profound expertise and technical ingenuity. Fred's involvement in both the Open Source community and the ePatient movement makes him uniquely qualified for this key position. We are thrilled to have him on board," said Sonya Satveit, CEO of Open Source Health. "We are standing on the brink of an amazing change in the way we participate in our own healthcare, and Fred's leadership will help us to accelerate that change with precision and clarity. "

"The opportunity to work for Open Source Health is too good to pass up,'" said Fred Trotter, newly appointed COO of Open Source Health. "After all, OSH is a technical health startup dedicated to Open Source approaches at more than one level. It's collaborative, integrative, and it resonates with e-patient ideals. Combining healthcare collaboration with Open Source methodology is a revolutionary approach that I just had to be a part of. It's an unprecedented opportunity to work with the right people on this type of project. Even our CEO, Sonya Satveit, is a card-carrying e-patient and patient advocate."

About Fred Trotter:

A recognized expert in Open Source medical software, Fred Trotter is a Houston-based programmer who is consistently named a leading authority on health care informatics and software. He is the author of the most popular introduction to Health IT, Hacking Healthcare, O'Reilly Media, 2011. He represented the Open Source community during testimony on the definition of meaningful use when the United States Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Law was constructed.

Highlights from Fred's long list of accomplishments include: creating FreeB, the world's first GPL medical billing engine; speaking at SCALE DOHCS, OSCON, Linux World, and DefCon conferences; co-authoring Hacking Healthcare, published by O'Reilly Media in 2011; and founding the DocGraph Open Doctor Data project.

About Open Source Health:

Open Source Health takes a truly patient-centered approach and is in the business of providing a real-time integrative healthcare solution for women in an open source architecture. Open Source Health is set to lead the current healthcare revolution by capitalizing on the latest trends in: digital health, personalized health, social health, mobile health, and participatory medicine.

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