SAGE Publishing and Perusall Partner to Support Digital Pedagogy and Increase Class Preparation

Press Release | SAGE Publishing | November 11, 2016

SAGE Publishing announces a new agreement allowing access to a selection of SAGE textbooks through the award-winning eBook platform and social annotation tool Perusall. Perusall allows students and instructors to annotate digital texts together, connect with other classmates, and respond to questions directly on the text before coming to class, enabling students to come to class better prepared.

“Blending premium content and innovative technology to support student success is core to our mission at SAGE Publishing,” commented Michele Sordi, Sr. Vice President and Head of U.S. College.  “We are committed to finding new ways to engage students, transforming the traditional textbook reading experience to an interactive learning experience.”

“We're thrilled to be offering SAGE Publishing's titles on the Perusall platform for classes everywhere (see,” commented Gary King, Co-founder of Perusall and Weatherhead University Professor at Harvard University. “SAGE's cutting-edge content and Perusall's cutting-edge technology work together to ensure that each student learns more and all students come to class prepared.”

Based on extensive research developed by researchers at Harvard University, the platform allows students to annotate readings and asynchronously respond to each other’s comments and questions. It then uses data analytics from these interactions to generate:

  • Optimal student groupings and personalized guidance
  • Grades for student engagement
  • Motivators such as positive feedback to help students to stay on track
  • “Student Confusion Reports” for professors – one-page summaries of concepts and passages students had trouble with or most engaged with, along with selected examples of the best annotations.

Sordi continued, “By encouraging rich discussions before entering the classroom, instructors can extend teaching opportunities and make more effective use of class time. We are excited to be partnering with Perusall to enhance the value of SAGE content with the power of collaboration and social learning. ”

Learn more about the partnership and view a full list of titles offered through SAGE.

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