LC3: LinuxCon, ContainerCon, CloudOpen China

Event Details
June 19, 2017 - 9:30am - June 20, 2017 - 7:15pm
China National Convention Center
No.7 Tianchen East Road
Chaoyang District, Beijing 100105

LC3 is a technical conference containing three events in one: LinuxCon, ContainerCon and CloudOpen. At this two-day conference, attendees can expect to network with other open source professionals, to gain insight into navigating and leading in the open source community, and to collaborate and share information, and learn about the latest open technologies. The summit draws a variety of attendees, including developers, business and legal leadership, operations experts, and other professionals. LC3 2017 will feature conference tracks on Linux Development & Administration, Cloud Native, Cloud Technologies, Networking & Orchestration, Embedded Linux & IoT, Blockchain, and Containers, Automation & Infrastructure.

  • LinuxCon focuses on updates, education, collaboration, and problem-solving related to the Linux ecosystem. Attendees can expect a variety of presentations and demos as well as lively discussion and collaboration on Linux topics.
  • ContainerCon brings together experts in container development and operations and focuses on DevOps culture, portability, automation, and efficiency. The purpose of ContainerCon is to encourage innovation on the delivery of open source infrastructure.
  • CloudOpen provides education and collaboration specifically designed to advance the open cloud. CloudOpen gathers professionals to discuss a wide variety of topics including cloud platforms, automation and management tools, containers, virtualization, software-defined networking, DevOps, storage and filesystems, big data tools and platforms, and open source best practices.

Pricing and registration information can be found here.