35th VistA Community Meeting

Event Details
August 11, 2017 - 8:00am - August 13, 2017 - 5:00pm

The VistA community will be gathering at George Mason University Center for Discovery Science and Health Informatics, for the 35th VistA Community Meeting (VCM). The goal of VistA Community Meetings is for those involved in the VistA Community to network & collaborate, i.e., to share ideas and work, with the objective of moving VistA & the VistA community forward.

Compared to most meetings, VistA Community Meetings are relatively unstructured.  The agenda is always a "living" agenda, because attendees are free to change it – even during the meeting – in order to  better meet their objectives. VistA Community Meetings were originally almost exclusively technical meetings.  Over time, the balance shifted, so that although there are technical presentations, there are more discussions on other aspects, including implementation, support, demonstration, education, training, and community collaboration.

WorldVistA was formed to extend and collaboratively improve the VistA electronic health record and health information system for use outside of its original setting. The system was originally developed by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) for use in its veterans hospitals, outpatient clinics, and nursing homes. WorldVistA has a number of development efforts aimed at adding new software modules such as pediatrics, obstetrics, and other functions not used in the veterans' healthcare setting.

WorldVistA seeks to help those who choose to adopt the VistA system to successfully master, install, and maintain the software for their own use. WorldVistA will strive to guide VistA adopters and programmers towards developing a community based on principles of open, collaborative, peer review software development and dissemination.

The meeting will be available for remote participation through GoToMeeting. Here is the link:

   United States: +1 (571) 317-3122
  Access Code: 197-677-525


  • Allotey Addo, ACA Health Services Ltd, Ghana
  • Anthony Puleo, Reminders and CPRS Developer for the VA
  • Ben Irwin, Software Engineer
  • Brian Stevenson, Acting Grassroots Portfolio Leader, Team 3 Project Leader, VHA  Innovation Program
  • Christopher Edwards, KRM Inc.
  • Dr. P.J. Maddox, Professor and Chair Department of Health Admin. and Policy, George Mason University
  • Dylan Hall, Mitre Corp.
  • Elizabeth Floto, VA Innovation Specialist, eScreening System Coordinator 
  • George Lilly, CIO of WorldVistA, Director of VIstA Expertise Network, MUMPS Developer
  • Guilherme Del Fiol, University of Utah
  • Ignacio Valdes, Astronaut VistA
  • Joel Ivey, Retired VA Developer
  • Jose Lago, Intellica Corporations
  • Joseph Snyder, OSEHRA
  • KS Bhaskar, YottaDB
  • Marilyn M. Lynn, National Clinical Executive, VHA National Surgery Office
  • Ravi Shankar, Florida Atlantic University
  • Richard Davis, Retired from VA and MUMPS Coordinating Committee
  • Rick Marshal, VistA Expertise Network
  • Rob Tweed
  • Robert Durkin, VA Developer
  • Ross Fletcher, Chief of Staff Emeritus at the Washington DC VC
  • Seong Ki Mun, CEO OSEHRA