VA CDS Knowledge Artifacts, CDS Connect, and the OSEHRA Community.

Event Details
October 16, 2018 - 3:00pm - 4:00pm

Veterans Health Administration’s Office of Knowledge Based Systems (KBS) has made significant investments in the representation of clinical knowledge in standardized, computer-friendly form, such that future systems may more rapidly manage and deploy documentation templates, order sets, and event-condition-action rules within and across VHA environments. Most recently, KBS has prepared a catalog of 100+ draft artifacts based on the HL7 CDS Knowledge Artifact (KNART) specification over a ~15 month period, and is pursuing an incremental release process through inter-departmental collaboration. This presentation will cover the nature of the content development program, current collaborative efforts with AHRQ’s CDS Connect program and MITRE, and visions for how the OSEHRA community may leverage and participate in adding value to these assets.


Preston Lee, PhD, MBA